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Fisherman’s Beach

Mom and Kayla’s time was winding down in the sun so we thought it was best to get some more beach days in before they headed back to the cold and grey.

The first afternoon we thought was going to be too cold for the beach since it was quite windy at our place. We lazed around the house in the morning and finally decided we would just head into Albufeira for drinks near the beach. Turns out the wind tricked us and it was a gorgeous afternoon to be in the sand. We still had our drinks then blew some bubbles before heading home.

We decided to do the beach day right the second day. We headed to Praia de Armação de Pêra or Fisherman’s beach. Jacob and the kids and I wandered through the little seaside town and grabbed some lunch before meeting the others. It was a super cute little town that wound it’s way down to sea level. The cliffs to the west were beautiful. The kids were brave enough to run around in bathing suits and test out the water. The rest of us were happy to sit in the sand and enjoy the sunshine.

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After a relaxing day at home on Saturday we felt a little more adventurous on Sunday. We decided to head in and check out Faro, the closest “big” city to us. We had a bit of a slow start – there was some confusion on whether we should eat and where to get coffee and ice cream. We figured it out, the kids found a park and we started wandering the very quiet and quaint streets.

Faro was lovely! I love the twisty streets and old buildings around every corner. We found a fountain outside an old church that the kids were happy to splash in. We wandered alongside the original city walls and finally found a nice spot for a late lunch.

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Our new home

Since we were going to be spending a couple of weeks on the coast we decided to make sure we had a place that we could just relax in. We managed to find a pretty spectacular place to fit us all. Saturday we were all feeling a little lazy and decided to just hang around and enjoy our new home.

The kids spent some time in the pool and playing with Baby Evelyn. We had a nice fire and cooked some meat on the outdoor bbq. The adults relaxed in the sun with some snacks and a few drinks. A pretty perfect vacation day.

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The closest town to where we are staying is Albufeira. It’s a coastal town that is known for its strip of bars catering to British hen parties. Not really our scene but they have an old part to the town that was fun to wander around. Plus they have a beach, which we all know is my thing. This one even comes with an escalator at one end and an elevator at the other.

We wandered through the cobble stone streets, had lunch at a beachside restaurant and played in the sand and the water. It was a pretty great introduction to the area.

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Algarve Bound

With our time in Lisbon over, we packed up the car and headed for the algarve region on the south coast. We were sad to say tchau to Lisboa but the prospect of beaches, sunshine, and a visit from mom, Kayla and Evelyn made it easier.

We made the drive relatively easily and got settled into our new house, which I will say is spectacular. Kayla arrived shortly after and mom made it in time for supper. Jacob was a champ and made two round trips to the airport to collect everyone.

The kids were not wasting any time and hopped right into the pool. I don’t like swimming at the best of times but this water will turn you purple it’s so cold so I was more than happy to sit in the sun while they shivered and splashed.

Mads has been waiting since October for this unicorn. It did not disappoint.

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We had been saving the oceanarium for our last day in Lisbon since the forecast wasn’t looking great, we knew the kids would be tired and an aquarium is always a hit. Lisbon’s oceanarium is supposedly the biggest aquarium in Europe. I wouldn’t say it’s the best aquarium we have been to (Cape town is hard to beat) but it certainly made for a great day!

The girls even learned the fine art of a nap on public transportation.

Tomorrow we head to the coast to meet up with mom and Kayla. We have LOVED our time in Lisbon. It went way beyond our expectations. The city was so charming with its old streets and lovely people and beautiful buildings. I feel like I only got to explore a tiny part of the city. I can’t wait to come back.

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We had been keeping an eye on the wave report for Nazaré all week in hopes of seeing some of the monster waves it’s famous for. Tuesday had the most promising forecast at 10m. The waves were supposed to increase throughout the day so we spent the morning at home and headed out late in the afternoon.

While we didn’t see any of the monsters (they can get to be 30m!) they were still very impressive.

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